Here Are A Few Study Abroad Tips That No One Else Will Share With You. Thank Us Later!
Now that you have made it to your dream university abroad, it’s time to make a checklist of everything you need to learn and buy to ensure you have the best time in Pardes. So, keep that giant jar of homemade pickle and packets of instant noodles aside for a second and note down these useful tips to help you sail through your time abroad.
1. Don’t Try To Pack Your Whole House Into Your Bag
Sure it would be great to have reminders of home here and there, but always keep in mind that a bigger bag is never the solution. You will have to shop according to the season and the culture you will be a part of for the next few years and looking like a tourist is a big no no! So, take just your wardrobe essentials and remember to keep it stylish.
2. Budget And Keep A Note Of Your Expenses
Know your spending capacity for the month and make sure you have a fair estimate of your expenses. How about you download Spending tracker on your phone to keep a track on your daily or weekly expenses because let’s admit, there could be situations you might end up with a lot blurry nights. A little up and down in your budget is okay as long as you don’t blow the last of your lunch money on a night out.
3. Utilize Your Holidays To See The World!
Holidays are a great time to visit all the underrated places you have heard about in your town and explore a never known world. So, don’t pre-book all your tickets to home yet, instead explore all the wonderful places, cuisines and cultures around and within the city. While you’re on a self exploring journey, make sure you have a travel card handy that can help you go places keeping you financially secure across borders.
4. Document Your Time Out There
Keep a journal, blog or visual documentation of your time abroad (because one day you’ll want to tell tales). So, we’re saying a camera would be a great investment if you love capturing and storing your experiences (and will be great for your social media too, JS). Also, it might help you trace back to how things turned out for you a few years down. If you’re a polaroid kinda person, we have a suggestion right here which won’t dig a hole in your pocket.
5. Find A Way To Save Up
Students taking up jobs while they study abroad is not uncommon but make sure you are also keeping a small rainy day fun aside. No matter how much you save, you will always feel like a broke college student. But here’s what you can do differently as compared to the fellow broke students. Get your hands on World Traveller Card before you land up anywhere. Let it work its magic, as you can also top up the card with your hard earned money, save more with every transaction and let it help you build up your piggy bank. Apply for it now! Venturing out of the comfort of your home and country can be intimidating but these tips will make your life easier and ensure you have a gala time. Since you won’t have your father a call away (thanks to different time zones), let the Miles & More card take care of your petty cash issues no matter where you are. Because hey, at the end of the day we gotta adult our way through this too! So, pack your bags in moderation, keep your documents handy, carry your travel card with you (all the time) and get set to have the time of your life in the next few years!