Procedures on Becoming IIC Students

5 Simple Steps

Step 1 : Email Application

Once you submitted your information Here, our International Admission Unit will contact and give further instruction to you on the registry parts via email.

You will require to provide 5 documents as follow:
1. Copy of applicant’s Passport (all pages, including blanks). The validity of the passport must be more than one year.

2. Copy of applicant’s relevant academic and other certificates including transcripts. The documents must be certified as true copies by the institution issuing them or by any commissioners of oaths.

3. Copy of applicant’s Test of English as a Foreign Language ( TOEFL ) / International English Language Testing System ( IELTS ).

4. No-Objection Certificate ( NOC ) or Letter of Eligibility ( LOE ) if applicant is from Iran and Sudan respectively.

5. Applicant’s photo ( passport – sized om white background. (35mm wide x 45mm high)
Passport Photo Guidelines

Once these documents submitted via email, our International Admission Unit will process the followings details. If the applicant’s details are adequate and qualified to enroll on the requested course, the applicant will receive from International Innovative College ( IIC ), an OfferLetter with Health Examination Report.


Step 2 : Perform Pre-Medical Check Up

Applicant performs pre-medical check up at country of origin and e-mail back the completed “Health Examination Report” form ( in PDF format ) to our International Admission Unit.

The Education Malaysia Global Service ( EMGS ) panel clinics applicant’s country will update the applicant’s result online at EMGS.

Step 3 : Make EMGS Payment

Once the applicant’s medical examination result is successful, applicant makes the required EMGS payment ( non-refundable ) to IIC in cash / bank draft / cash deposit machine / online banking / cheque to:

Public Bank Berhad
Account Number : 3210 2978 28
( Pusat Komputer Unik Sdn Bhd )

Once the applicant paid the EMGS payment, our International Admission Unit will submit all applicant’s detail to EMGS to apply a Visa Approval Letter (VAL) for applicant.

The VAL application process takes two months ( maximum ) to complete.

Step 4 : Make Study Fee Payment

Applicant who pass VAL approval from Malaysia Immigration Department must pay the remaining study fee balance to IIC in cash / bank draft / cash deposit machine / online banking / cheque to:

Public Bank Berhad
Account Number : 3210 2978 28
( Pusat Komputer Unik Sdn Bhd )

Upon approval from EMGS, our International Admission Unit will send the hard-copy and e-mail copy of VAL of 6 month validity to the applicant for further action.

Applicant must submit the VAL to Malaysia Embassy / Consulate ( the nearest address is tated in the VAL ) to obtain entry clearance such as Temporary Pass / Single Entry Visa to enter Malaysia.

Step 5 : Travel to Malaysia and Perform Post – Medical Check Up

Applicant now can travel to Malaysia. Applicant should send flight itinerary via email to our International Admission Unit within three working days.

Upon arrival at KLIA or KLIA2 airport in Malaysia, applicant will be fetch by our International Student Officer and will be bring our college for accommodation registration.

Applicant must perform post medical check up at the nearest EMGS panel clinic(s) within 7 days of arrival.

And now applicant is officially becomes a registered student of IIC.

Application Timeline

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